Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here's what just happened: I was trying to buy from autumn so she picks me up. Thing is that shes not driving some ginger and a kid who used to go to school with me is. so we smoke and go park and smoke a bit more. Then the ginger and the kid start talking about guns, and I'm like meh okay. Then they start talking about their guns and I'm like wtf. AND then they start talking about how they were going to shoot some signs on the way back. I was like o shit man. At this point the bass was booming and they were accelerating ridiculously fast. So the kid (who is sitting in front of me) pulled out his gun and shot the sign all i heard was a little ping. I was like wtf?!?! turns out it was a bb gun. i loled so hard inside. So they drop me off and i slowly and with much difficulty through the snow, walk back home. I go up to the door and i thought in my head that i left the door open a little wider than that. I try and open in: it doesn't move: FUUUUUU. when i had got home this morning i took the spare key and went inside when my dad droped me off instead of waiting for his keys. I had to pee really bad. I didn't put that key back. D: So i tried the porch door and that was locked, by now I'm panicking because i locked my self out of my own house and I'm high! I think the only way for me to get inside is to wait for my parents to come home which is in a while.i freak out for a couple minutes here but as I'm thinking i realize that if i could get on the the roof near my neighbors door way then i could sneak into my room. So the stair railing is steeply angled and i would have to use that to boost myself up to the roof. So i climbed up on it with my heart pounding and I'm pretty sure my neighbors are home right now and that they can hear my flopping around with 1/3 my chest on their roof. The roof is covered with that extremely rough shingles and it to is very angled. so i dig my arms into it for more grip. This whole thing takes about 1 minute of my flopping my way onto the roof. So i get up on there and pry the outer screen loose. It just poped out and i slid it up then i opened the inner window rather easily. So i climbed through it and wrote this with bloody arms because I would forget if I didn't. TLDR: i was high and did some crazy ass parkour because i didn't was to wait for my parents to come home and realize I'm high.

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