Wednesday, March 30, 2011 just listen :(____)
In my english class we are talking about a utopia. The assignment is that we have to create an utopian society on paper. It calls for a declaration of independance, a bill of rights, a constitution, and other specific documents. I think these requirements are similar to what america has, in terms of government, and america is so very far from an utopia. The asignment is just trying to reinforce the idea of an utopia and america being similar. I'm getting sick of all this disguised propaganda they force on us. I do beleive that acheiving a true utopia is impossible, in the same way that reaching infinity is impossible. You can keep counting forever but you will never get there. I will do this asignment because playing with ideas of the most ideal society is fun to me, but I will resent some parts of it. Who is to say that a near utopia requires a declaration of independance, a bill of rights and a constitution, there are many governmental and social idealogies that I must look in to.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Carl Sagan and Diogenes of Sinope two of my favorite "philosophers" one entertains the love of science and the passion for advancing technology while the other fufiles the cynic in me. One could say that are at odds. Carl Sagans contributions and words continue to inspire me and make my mind expand with the posibilities of the future. His words also make me step back and appreciate the fleeting time we stand on this watery globe. I have an immaginable amount of respect for him. Diogenes actions make me think about what it means to be here. I have not much to say about him other than I greatly admire his ways.

Here is some very trippy music:
And if you like surrealist art, you should check this out:

I enjoy surrealist art because it stretches and contorts reality.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Experiments in philosophy are just thought experiments. And i like to do experiments. Also just explaining the url of the blog: every single time you say yes to something you also say no something else.
Facebook is a disgusting place where people show off their paper thrones to add more paper to their throne, i wish i had a lighter. :P